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Tyler Mullins

Owner & Founder

After spending dynamic years operating in the marketing space as a lead website designer, chief marketing officer, event marketing head, and marketing student Tyler recognized an opportunity in the digital marketing space for a results-driven focus and took it. On a mission to deliver consistently measurable results to our clients, Tyler developed a business model that is carving change into the industry. By leveraging proven practices/processes in each service domain, Omni Agency delivers just that; consistently measurable RESULTS!

Sahil Patel

Operations Lead

Sahil is a passionate and dedicated team player who has always gone above and beyond to help our clients achieve their goals. His leadership skills keep the team on track with every project or initiative, ensuring efficiency throughout all of it. Sahil's leadership and analytical skills are key to the team's top-notch efficiency. He ensures that results will be delivered no matter what, even if it means going against tight deadlines or challenging obstacles.

Younus Shamsi

Project Management

Younus has a knack for knowing how to get the most out of every social media trend. He is always up-to-date on all the latest marketing trends that enable us to provide clients with customized solutions to help them achieve their business goals through digital marketing. Younus is our savvy project manager who knows how to make social work for our clients. As a marketing degree holder, he stays updated with the latest trends hungry to deliver innovative results to clients.

Twinkle Lacsamana

Project Content Lead

Twinkle loves bringing new ideas into play when it comes to writing content. Her originality, creativity, and business acumen allowed our team to develop high-quality content aligned with our clients' branding and business goals. Twinkle is a meticulous content writer who takes pride in the originality and quality of her work. Armed with an MBA degree and over a decade of marketing experience, she can ensure every clients' material produces measurable results without being boring or mundane.

Rajitha Shalanah

Project Design Lead

Rajitha never ceases to amaze everyone with his stunning works of art. His intuitive understanding of the clients' goals and objectives enables our team to develop visually pleasing, highly engaging, and commercially viable content. Rajitha is a design expert who brings the team's ideas and concepts to life with his remarkable skills and craftsmanship. He quickly understands the needs of our clients, and depending on their business direction and strategies, Rajitha delivers what they want with style, sophistication, and thoughtful creativity.

Monique Dean

Social Media Expert

Monique's thorough understanding of the different social media platforms and which strategies to employ on each platform has helped our clients achieve growth in a multitude of ways, including following, engagement, and conversion. Her hands-on approach keeps every aspect aligned to ensure optimal results are achieved. Monique is a social media maven with an extensive sales, project management, and customer service background. Her expertise has helped our clients find success in social media with a myriad of strategies to promote audience growth, increase engagement and generate conversions.

Jay Padriga

Paid Social Expert

They say it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials. By this measurement, Jay has surpassed mastery level in the SMM space. Working with SMM for over ten years, Jay brings a honed skill set to the team, sharpening our paid social spending abilities. Utilizing different paid strategies, Jay effectively optimizes costs and delivers on goals.

Jordan Ross

Business Development

Jordan has worked with over 100 agencies in the marketing space, developing more than 20 seven and eight-figure premiere partners with Omni as one. Jordan's deep understanding of what it takes to successfully fulfill project deliverables enables Omni to continue acquiring five-star reviews and happy customers through our streamlined delivery and close client collaboration.

Vanshaj Arora

Blockchain Writer

An expert copywriter with six years of experience writing in the blockchain space, Vanshaj is more than equipped to develop a comprehensive understanding of your project and effectively communicate key messaging with your growing audience base. Working through evolutions in the blockchain copywriting space Van understands what it takes to write guerilla and engaging content created for virality, rapport/trust, positioning, education, and so on!

Lev Markelov

Creative Copywriter & Strategist

Lev lives and breathes creativity. With a keen eye for diagnosing what drives a given community, he gracefully materializes content that encaptures that same community, delivering value or education—developing guerrilla lead campaigns to engage your audience and generate momentum enabling a quick scale to a large intentful audience.

Husam Demirtas

Community manager

Husam's background in computer engineering enables him to understand clients’ projects on a deeper technical level, not often seen with community managers. Possessing excellent communication skills, he can articulate his understanding of projects to our audience base in a fluid manner, fostering conversations and creating unique topics of discussion.

Tofazzul Hossain

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer, Tofa specializes in creating brand ecosystems that enable clients to clearly and confidently convey their own distinctive stories. With project and production management expertise across several industries, Tofa brings our clients a diverse range of skills and knowledge!

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