Pay-per-click Campaigns

A pay-per-click campaign is a marketing strategy that uses search engine advertising to drive traffic to a website or page. Advertisers bid on certain keywords they think their potential customers would use when searching for their service or product. When a user types in a keyword that the advertiser bid on and then clicks the advertiser’s ad to visit their website, they pay a certain amount per click on that ad. 

Pay-per-click campaigns can be your business’ top revenue-generating stream if done right. Otherwise, you might as well be flushing money down the drain. 

The key to a successful pay-per-click campaign is proper planning and research. Before setting up and launching your campaign, you need to be prepared with all the information you need to bid on the right keywords, a compelling ad copy, a landing page with persuasive and relevant content, a clear call-to-action, and a campaign with a good quality score. 

After setting it up, constant monitoring and split testing of the campaigns are crucial in maximizing your ROI. Pay-per-click campaigns are a science. They should be done by expert pay-per-click specialists who know exactly how it’s done. 

Lead Generation Marketing

Growing your business involves one primary thing: a constant stream of customers. But your customers won’t just come to you from nowhere. You need to get in front of them and show them who you are. 

Now, every sales process starts with attracting interest from your target audience, converting them from strangers into potential customers, closing them into an actual sale, and then nurturing them, so they become repeat customers. 

Lead generation plays a crucial part in your sales process. Cold calling or cold email marketing can be time-consuming and are less effective. Closing these kinds of leads involves hard selling. This is solved by lead generation campaigns whose focus is to generate warm leads. Warm leads are potential customers who have already expressed interest in your product or service but still need some nurturing to close. With lead generation campaigns, you get yourself leads that may not be ready to buy yet but has the intention to. Closing them is then easier. 

Omni offers lead generation marketing services that are performance-driven and results-oriented. You need leads to keep your business running and to scale. We’ll give them to you.

A flawless integration for developing a powerful digital omnipresence. We don't take this lightly and neither should you. Let's make something magical.



Through a quick 30 minute call, we go over a series of questions with your business to develop a thorough understanding of your operations and target market. Then we communicate with you to understand your goals involving digital marketing services and look to identify any additional value that we can deliver.



Leveraging the information gathered in the discovery call, we create a series of custom-tailored packages containing only services relevant to your business that best suit your business's goals and objectives. Each service and the deliverables are clearly explained during our scheduled video call.



After deciding on the best package for your business and revising the deliverables, we have a brief onboarding call with the objective of ensuring we have all the resources, information, and understanding needed to deliver the best results that properly embody your business's personality.



Following the onboarding call, we get to work creating all deliverables for the coming month. Through one easy-to-access link, you will have access to all content to suggest revisions. All content is created 12 days before the end of the month to ensure adequate time for changes.



Each month, following services being deployed, we create extensive reports that outline results and key performance indicators that hold us accountable for delivering the results you expect. Internally, we leverage each report to understand target markets better and refine marketing efforts to improve results consistently.

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