Crypto Players Club


Crypto Players Club (CPC) is an NFT-based sports metaverse project that aims to revolutionize the world of soccer by creating a decentralized ecosystem for players, clubs, and fans from all over the world. The project combines soccer-related games and a P2E platform in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its users. The aim of the project is to provide a fun and interactive way for people to connect with each other, while also allowing them to earn rewards through their participation.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media Management
Consultation on NFT Marketing
& Community Building

I worked with Tyler and team to create strong content for our social media channels & help us build our brand. Their team has amazing communication;
Tyler really understands the different aspects of executing on an NFT project, and exceeds expectations by providing value that goes beyond the items we have in scope. Overall, they delivered better than we could've expected & helped tremendously on all other areas of our project.
5/5 easy.

Jeremy Victor

Co-Founder at CPC

While CPC has ambitious goals, it faces some challenges in reaching its target audience of crypt-native soccer fans. One issue is that there are already several well-established projects in the space and as a result, it can be difficult for CPC to stand out from the crowd. Another challenge is educating users on the utility of the CPC NFT and the benefits of being part of the community. With so many new projects launching every day, it can be hard to persuade people to invest their time and money in something they may not fully understand.

Business goals (brand)

To develop an authentic and constantly engaged community
User and audience growth
Month-on-month increase in engagement rate

CPC has the potential to become a major player in
the Web3 world of soccer.

With a proper marketing strategy in place, Omni helped CPC overcomea crypto project's 'labor pains'.

Omni addressed CPC's challenges beginning with identifying the platform's user personas. We also looked at the platform's organic reach strategy and how they spoke and used their brand voice. Then we took a grassroots approach and developed engagement strategies and tactics, tapping actual community members to help grow the platform and its community channels. Omni also developed a targeted content strategy that would allow CPC to speak to these personas in a brand voice that resonated with them.


Twitter follower growth in a span of two months


Aggregated Twitter profile visits

When done well, the grassroots engagement approach can feel much more authentic than typical NFT marketing.

Omni's grassroots approach and growth strategy for Crypto Players Club proved successful by generating an aggregated increase of 8.7K Twitter following and 400K post reach with an average of 4.4% community engagement rate. These results affirm that Omni's community management solution works well for blockchain projects looking to drive growth and achieve long-term success. With its current online brand presence, CPC will be able to attract more supporters and grow its community.

Example of work

We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.