Flipsies is a startup crypto gambling dapp running on TRON, a decentralized blockchain platform. Flipsies follows standard Texas Hold 'em poker variant but with a twist. The game also allows side betting so that players can best on the winning flop color and get a chance to win the pot money twice. Since Flipsies is on the TRON blockchain, players should have a TRONLink Wallet account to play the game. All payouts are in TRX (TRON currency).

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Paid Ads
Brand & Strategy Development

“Omni provides a lot of value in many aspects of marketing. They have helped support Kris, as on the socials, I see that, and I appreciate it.”

J.D Seraphine


As a startup business, we have categorized Flipsies' challenges into stages. Naturally, the initial and the biggest challenge is introducing Flipsies to a very specific group of online players. This group of players must 1.) understand crypto gaming, 2.) have a TRON account, 3.) know how to play Texas hold 'em variant of poker - and this is just the first phase. The next phase is to grow this group of players, sustain a number of regular players monthly, and increase the amount of spending within the game. And in the long run, the bigger picture is to generate an increasing amount of revenue month after month.

There were also UX and bugs issues throughout the platform, which is a usual scenario for blockchain startups.

Business goals (brand)

Create online awareness
Establish dapp reputation
Generate and retain players

As we've categorized the challenges in stages, we made a similar approach in creating strategies, content, and campaigns for Flipsies.

1. Building Trust & Credibility -

On top of the brand awareness initiatives, we also campaigned the crypto gaming in general. We created educational content telling the audience that crypto gaming is safer than online casinos and that anyone cannot rig or hack the system. We've also created information campaigns for TRON to ensure potential players that it is a safe blockchain platform; therefore, playing Flipsies is just as safe and secure.

2. Community building

We wanted to further player relationships and connect with them on a personal level. We made sure to establish Flipsies' presence in different places other than social media. So we've created a Telegram community, joined crypto forums, and even engaged the media and big influencers to spread the word about the growing community of Flipsies players.

3. Rewards and incentives

Keeping the audience engaged is by making them excited and hooked to play. So we worked closely with the Flipsies team to develop the rewards and incentives to 1.) encourage trial play 2.) earn bigger bets, and 3.) get referrals.

Working within a bootstrapped budget, we generated the following results within our 3-month engagement with Flipsies.


User turnout during the Alpha launch phase


Generated deposits from 100 users during the Alpha Launch phase


Combined social media, Telegram, and Discoed following in just 3 months


Numbers do not lie.

When dealing with technology-driven businesses like crypto apps or games, everything is quantifiable. Our strategic approach and execution created surprising results, and we are pretty pleased with the numbers that we were able to deliver. Overcoming UX issues and bugs within the game, we captures 186 players for Flipsies with an average of 32% player retention rate month-on-month, generating over 50K in bet $TRX. Moreover, through organic content creation and a handful of influencer relationships, we established a solid social following for Flipsies with a consistent stream of cross-promoting and engaging content. By the end of our engagement, we were able to accumulate over 8.5K followers on Twitter.

Example of work

We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.