Web1 was the first generation of the web. It started in 1994 and lasted till 2005. It was mainly static web pages where users could only get information in textual and visual formats. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as a read-only web.

Web2, the second generation of the web, started in the mid-2000s. It’s powered by dynamic websites where users can read and input information, however, users do not fully own what they write (i.e. create) on the web. Web2 enabled the rapid development of industries like finance, gaming, and commerce, and also enhanced the evolution of social media sites. 

Web3 is the third generation of the web. It was coined by Ethereum co-founder, Gavin Wood, in 2014. Web3 refers to a decentralized online ecosystem built on blockchain. It allows users to read, write, and retain ownership over what they create. Therefore, Web3 is often referred to as the read, write, and own version of the web.

How Does Web3 Work?

Web3 works with decentralized apps (dApps). These dApps run on a peer-to-peer network of computers instead of relying on a single centralized server. In addition to blockchain technology, Web3 utilizes artificial intelligence, metaverse, and other emerging technologies to improve users' online experiences.

Web3 Marketing Services We Provide

Grow your web3 brand with a result-driven web3 advertising agency. Whether you're a budding startup or an established organization, we'll partner with you to ensure you can scale your Web3 project to the moon!

Take advantage of our blockchain marketing services to engage your customers and promote your blockchain brand to new audiences.

Increase your brand influence with visual identity and messaging that motivates the Web3 groups to join your community and keeps them loyal to your project.

Earn user trust, build your brand, and see results faster with paid ads. We sponsor paid ads and partner with credible influencers to help your project scale.

Build a buzzing community of ambassadors for your project. We'll nurture your community to become a valuable support network for your Web3 brand.

Grow your social presence with professional social media management strategies. We'll devise tailored organic social strategies and take over your social media to create relevant Web3 content that grows your blockchain community. 

Get your web3 business in front of the right audience with traditional media-buying and performance advertising that give your brand more visibility. We use effective public relations tactics like sponsorships and influencer marketing to help you connect with potential customers for maximum ROI.

The crypto world is growing rapidly, with thousands of different tokens available on the market, all vying to be the one that grabs the attention of investors and traders. We'll create a marketing strategy to make your token stand out and get noticed by the right audience. We'll design an effective roadmap that will outline your project's milestones and objectives, providing investors and traders with an accurate timeline and a clear plan for success. 

Benefits of Working with a Web3 Marketing Agency

The promising features of Web3 have caused it to be plagued with scam projects promoted by dubious celebrities and self-acclaimed experts. This has led to increased skepticism, fear, and doubt among Web3 enthusiasts.A creative Web3 marketing agency can help position your brand as a trusted business that users will want to associate with. You'll also gain exposure into Web3 marketing dynamics and understand how they impact your business.

Web3 Marketing Case Studies At Omni Agency

Enterprises and startups partner with us to promote their Web3 projects, and Web2 businesses trust us to help them transition to Web3.


Increase user engagement with your brand to drive business growth. We helped Raiinmaker with social media and community management which led them to acquire 5K users for their Web3 social creator economy platform.

Increase user engagement with your brand to drive business growth. We helped Raiinmaker with social media and community management which led them to acquire 5K users for their Web3 social creator economy platform.

Gaming Companies

Get more gaming enthusiasts for your play-to-earn and other blockchain games. Flipsies trusted us with their crypto gambling startup and we generated 5.9K followers for them within a month as well as a total bet of 50K $TRX


Onboard more users and improve adoption of your exchange, DeFi protocol, and crypto on/off ramps. We helped OptiFy increase their leads, resulting in a 200% user turnout during their Alpha launch phase. 


Promote the unique utilities of your NFT projects with loyal ambassadors and grow your community. Depressed Citizens trusted us with their NFT collection and we achieved a 1150% organic Twitter growth and provided an engagement increase of 7.8%.

Web3 Marketing FAQs

What Is Web3 Marketing

Web3 marketing is the use of marketing techniques to promote blockchain and crypto companies and other web3 projects. The aim is to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and engagement, and convert followers into loyal customers.OMNI focuses on helping web3 businesses grow with content creation, paid advertising, influencer marketing, social media management, and community management.

How Will Web3 Affect Marketing?

Blockchain and smart contracts can improve the access to accurate and real-time data and insights. This will enhance the creation of personalized marketing campaigns. For example, marketers can use smart contracts to automate rewards for users who complete their onboarding in a specific time. This will foster a transparent relationship between brands and their community.

How Do I Prepare My Brand For Web3 Marketing?

To promote your brand with Web3 marketing you first need to determine which marketing strategies fit your brand’s goals and values. This will guide you on what and where to publish content, influencers to partner with, and other advertising methods to use.

How Much Will Web3 Marketing Cost Me?

At OMNI, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution for Web3 marketing. We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your problems before proposing solutions that meet your needs.

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