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Medly is a second-generation owned pharmacy with brick-and-mortar stores located in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Miami. To revolutionize the world of pharmaceutical care, Medly leveraged the use of technology to meet their clients' needs at all levels through a digital pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery for all types of medications. With Medly, healthcare providers and drug manufacturers are also allowed to provide an enhanced prescription experience to their clients through seamless medication processing.




Website Design

The Challenge

Medly's business model is flawless and straightforward. However, they needed to get their company in front of their target audience to achieve their business goals and scale. Despite having a solid marketing strategy, Medly lacked the necessary tools to assist them in executing their strategies. Omni then stepped in to help them create a website that mirrored the same one-of-a-kind experience they provide their clients, as well as landing pages that resonated with their target audience.

The Solution

To get an accurate understanding of Medly's business model and vision, a complete knowledge transfer and a thorough consultation with them were facilitated by Omni before creating the wireframes for their website and landing pages.

The wireframes were simple. We wanted the website and landing pages to be upfront about what Medly offers and the UX designed for easy and seamless navigation.

The mockups, however, were more elaborate. With Medly's vision and values in mind, we created pages that truly embodied their brand. The graphics and animations were made to reflect the tech revolution they had envisioned for pharmacy care.

To cater to their clients ordering their prescriptions via mobile, the website and landing pages were all optimized for mobile responsiveness

UI: With Medly's target audience in mind, we designed each page to be straightforward and intuitive. The visuals were attractive and consistent. The users get exactly what they need and nothing more.

UX: The website itself is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. We start by educating Medly's potential customers about what the company does and how it works and then encouraging them to sign up.

Web Build: Great design is second to functionality. It's useless if it doesn't work. Leveraging our team's years of experience in web development, we created a fully functional and responsive website.


The Results

The Website: Captivating, intuitive and 100% Mobile Responsive.

Landing Pages: Each landing page was made with all types of audience Medly had in mind: those who need prescriptions, those who prescribe (healthcare providers), and manufacturers. A significant increase in contact submissions was noted for each campaign ad that was run for each landing page.

Exceptional User Experience


Increase in conversions

Stunning Website design

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