Vision Construction Management

Vision Construction Management, established in 2018, is considered a full-service construction company providing high-quality services to its customers. Vision specializes in multi-unit dwellings as well as custom homes. They offer their clients knowledge, expertise and hands-on project management services for commercial and residential projects. Vision Construction came to Omni after being referred to our team by a past client of ours.


Vision Construction Management


Website Design, SEO

The Challenge

Vision Construction came to us looking for an elegant website that displayed their portfolio, team members and showcased the value that they have to offer. The client was looking for website design, copywriting, ongoing website management and maintenance with an indefinite timeline.

The Solution

When working with Vision, our team came up with a successful solution to properly overcome the challenges the clients had presented to us. We first started by creating a beautifully responsive website that properly articulated the company’s values and unique angle, showcasing their experience and amazing work, while properly presenting the value that this company has to offer. We also implemented google analytics and SEO to monitor their website traffic and refine the user experience.

Vision Construction Management

Our Objectives

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Developing an elegant online presence

Generating screened leads for sales

Showcasing portfolio items

The Results

Our team got to work developing a comprehensive portfolio that show cased the client’s value and built creditability with the work they’ve done with past client’s. through our SEO work, we improved the company’s organic rankings, resulting in more organic leads for them. The website copy was developed elegantly, to properly showcase the brands value, all of which contributed to improving the clients online presence and developing stronger creditability for the clients in the online space.

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