UX & UI Development

Great websites are well-thought-out and strategic. They're not just beautiful. They're also functional, responsive, and intuitive. This means that when your customers go to your website, they won't just be wowed by its aesthetics. It takes them on a journey as well - an educational journey about your brand. It will direct them to the right call to action, and if they need to find the service page or newsletter subscription form, they can find it. This is the heart of UI/UX design.

Their overall goal is to enhance your customer's experience so you can win their confidence in the short amount of time that they will spend reviewing your website and content.

As a prime UI/UX design agency in Toronto, we rely on insight and research when crafting your brand's best UI/UX design. We base each stage of the design process on your customer's needs and persona. Ultimately, our end goal is to ensure that your investment actually yields maximum returns based on real-time KPIs such as bounce rates, unique visits, and average time spent per page.

eCommerce Functionality

Who hasn't heard of online shopping? Since it was introduced in its earliest form 40 years ago, eCommerce has undoubtedly reshaped the global retail landscape. To date, the growth of eCommerce remains strong and steady. In 2021, 18.1 percent of the total global retail sales are expected to come from eCommerce sales. 

Adding eCommerce functionality to your website and optimizing your business around an eCommerce model allows you to take advantage of these statistics. 

At Omni, we won't just build you a seamless platform. We always go above and beyond and ensure you understand the ins and outs of eCommerce, educate you with all the strategies that go along with having an eCommerce website, and help you implement them.

Custom Development

To truly stand out in such a vast and competitive marketplace, you need to have a unique value proposition and a unique way of presenting that proposition to the people you want to buy your product or use your service. 

Each website that we develop at Omni is created to be fully functional and responsive. They adhere to your company's brand guidelines and speak your brand's message.

Custom Web Development, on the other hand, allows you to tailor-fit the message you are sending to your target audience in a fully-optimized and strategically planned way. Each part of your website serves a purpose and is a part of a deliberate whole. From the minutest detail like the icons to the content, each part is created to tailor-fit your brand and unique needs.

A flawless integration for developing a powerful digital omnipresence. We don't take this lightly and neither should you. Let's make something magical.



Through a quick 30 minute call, we go over a series of questions with your business to develop a thorough understanding of your operations and target market. Then we communicate with you to understand your goals involving digital marketing services and look to identify any additional value that we can deliver.



Leveraging the information gathered in the discovery call, we create a series of custom-tailored packages containing only services relevant to your business that best suit your business's goals and objectives. Each service and the deliverables are clearly explained during our scheduled video call.



After deciding on the best package for your business and revising the deliverables, we have a brief onboarding call with the objective of ensuring we have all the resources, information, and understanding needed to deliver the best results that properly embody your business's personality.



Following the onboarding call, we get to work creating all deliverables for the coming month. Through one easy-to-access link, you will have access to all content to suggest revisions. All content is created 12 days before the end of the month to ensure adequate time for changes.



Each month, following services being deployed, we create extensive reports that outline results and key performance indicators that hold us accountable for delivering the results you expect. Internally, we leverage each report to understand target markets better and refine marketing efforts to improve results consistently.

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