Depressed Citizens


Depressed Citizens (DC) features an NFT collection about the people. The artists have worked hard to highlight modern society's struggles and promote diversity and inclusion. For DC, NFT is a way of self-expression, a civilized rebellion in the form of micro-communities that intent to revolutionize the world of art and finances. The artists that are part of DC's movement have also highlighted the importance of women in this collection, which is meant to inspire and empower all who see it. Through the community DC is building, people will be able to see the world through the eyes of those who suffer from depression and understand their experiences in a new way.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media management
Consultation on NFT Marketing & Community Building



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While DC has made significant progress in promoting its cause, challenges still need to be addressed to reach its full potential. One of the biggest ones is securing relationships with artists and other creatives who can help spread the word about DC's mission. Another challenge is identifying and reaching its target audience. Without a clear understanding of who its target audience is, it was quite difficult for DC to choose the right brand voice and create effective marketing campaigns.

Business goals (brand)

1. Develop an authentic and engaged community
2. Consistent engagement rate of at least 5%
3. Organic community growth and development

Making a positive impact with a community-driven approach

With the support of Omni, DC was equipped with the right resources and platform it needed to communicate its message and grow its community.

To promote the community Depressed Citizen is trying to build, Omni took a two-pronged approach that included tapping actual members of the community to identify the right brand voice and user education by leveraging TikTok and Twitter Spaces as communication platforms. ‍‍First, Omni reached out to actual members of the DC community to get a better understanding of the brand and what it stands for. This allowed us to develop a more authentic and reliable brand voice that would resonate with the target audience. Second, we developed a user education campaign that leveraged popular social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. DC's founders were quite active in Twitter Spaces, which has helped them reach a wider audience and share important information about the community in an engaging and accessible way.


organic growth ‍in Twitter following


Average engagement rate resulting from strategically developed content

Take time to understand your audience.

Omni's community-driven approach successfully promoted the DC community and its message of diversity and inclusivity. By taking the time to understand the community and its needs, we were able to craft a marketing strategy that was both effective and authentic. User education was also a key part of our strategy. Through platforms like TikTok and Twitter Spaces, DC was able to reach out to potential users and teach them about their advocates.

As a result of this partnership, Omni was able to provide valuable resources and support to help grow DC's reach and impact. Within a month of engagement, we were able to add 500 new community members organically, with an average of 7.8 engagement rate and a total of 41.7K profile visits driven by our strategic communication plan.

Example of work

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