OptyFi's AI-powered protocol helps users generate wealth in DeFi by investing across hundreds of liquidity pools, dozens of protocols, and multiple blockchains. It does so with a strategy that takes into account risk factors like profit-maximizing yield rates to give its users the best chance at success. OptyFi optimizes capital as assets deposited into vaults and continuously deployed into the most profitable strategies based on predefined risk profiles and preferences. The protocol defines three types of strategies for vaults, including Investment Strategies, Reward Strategies, and User Reward Claiming. These strategies ensure that capital never stays idle with OptyFi.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media management
Public Relations
Influencer Engagement
Brand Awareness
Community Building
Paid Ads

The Guys have been very supportive of the tasks. They were very organized across the multitude of areas that we’re trying to address and very responsive in the communication. They were a versatile organization and could jump from one activity to another according to our changing targets and objectives. In particular, I say they are excellent in analyzing data for our traffic and our emails.

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At the start of our engagement, the client made it clear that the main focus of all marketing efforts would have to contribute to their business goals including the acquisition of at least 50 users during the Alpha launch with at least $1 million worth of deposits and to develop a self-sustaining ecosystem of communication around OptyFi.‍ ‍Omni commenced the engagement by highlighting the necessity of restructuring and redesigning OptyFi's website with an 11-point upgrade plan. We believe that the website was a crucial element in presenting OptyFi's business model to ensure we were in the best position when negotiating and structuring deals with PR, influencers, and other partners.‍ ‍Boosted and paid ads for crypto-operated businesses like OptyFi can be limited due to the restrictions imposed by advertising platforms like Google and social media pages like Facebook. As a result, building an online presence for OptyFi required a lot of time and groundwork, and Omni had to resort to not-so-traditional marketing channels and initiatives.‍ ‍Several UX/UI challenges and delays also hampered the deployment of some marketing activities, sometimes prolonging the projects' timeline.

Business goals (brand)

1. Acquire 50 user deposits during the Alpha Launch phase ( -$1 million)
2. Generate $5million in $OPTY token deposits during Beta
3. Establish a strong builder community for their community-driven development plans

OptyFi's business model can be pretty daunting and rather ambitious. By having constant communication with the client and working closely with our team experts, we narrowed down the challenges with the following strategies.

1. Working with industry experts: We have formed a dedicated team of experts for OptyFi - from the content strategist to publicist to copywriter and graphic designed. Every team member involved in this project has extensive experience in crypto-operated business models. 2. Engagement-driven content: Like any other crypto-operated business, consumer education should be the main content message, whether social media or PR. However, too much technical information can also deflect the audience. So we segmented the target audience into different personas and have developed creative ways to engage each persona. We've explored different types of posts to do this including memes and digestible content like infographics. 3. Identifying the right marketing platforms: With limitations on paid advertisements, we analyzed the most advantageous web 2.0 and 3.0 marketing. With the client's business goals in mind, we have explored these and all other possible channels for our marketing campaigns, including forms, communities, news sites, and even engaged influencers. And once we've identified the most suitable platforms for our campaigns, we ensure that every ad spent is optimized and can significantly contribute to the client's goals. 4. Strategic and consistent execution of the groundworks: Consistency has become our greatest resource in rolling out our strategies. We have spent hours and hours building the foundation for our initiatives, starting with creating rapport with the press or joining every relevant forum and crypto community. Over time, we've seen steady growth in our metrics due to our consistency and dedication to achieve results.


User turnout during the‍Alpha launch phase


Generated deposits from 100 users during the Alpha Launch phase


Combined social media, Telegram, and Discoed following in just 3 months


Omni's goal-orientated and strategic approach enabled us to lay all the marketing foundations for OptyFi easily. The groundwork was deployed promptly, keeping up with every development in OptyFi's platform as we kept an eye on our progress periodically. Gladly, through our consistent efforts, we surpassed our goals. OptyFi received over 700 requests to be whitelisted for the Alpha launch. Of these applications, they randomly chose 100 users for a minimum and maximum deposit of 10k each. As a result, it doubled OptyFi’s user goal from 50 to 100 and has generated $1 million worth of deposits with ease.

Example of work

We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.