Raiinmaker is a Web3 Social Creator Economy platform built on the blockchain that combines smart contracts with marketing budgets and influencers. The platform creates a symbiotic relationship between influencers and audiences, where instead of brands paying for advertising campaigns/influencers, they can directly reach relevant audiences via fans and reward them for their work, using their proprietary “Proof of Influence™” protocol.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media management
Community Nurturement
Guerrilla Marketing
Paid Management

“Omni provides a lot of value in many aspects of marketing, They have helped support Kris, as on the socials, I see that, and I appreciate it.”

J.D Seraphine

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When Omni first started marketing Rainmaker in the digital space, we quickly learned that there were a few key challenges that we needed to overcome. First, we needed to strategize how to successfully convert a large group of uninterested followers into active community members and then brand advocates. Secondly, we needed to find ways to maintain increased levels of engagement with the community members. And finally, we needed to focus on driving user acquisition of the now engaged social community. While these challenges may have seemed daunting at first, we were quickly able to develop strategies that helped us overcome them. And as a result, we've been able to drive continuous results in the ever-changing world of Web3.

Business goals (brand)

1. Community Growth
2. Increased User Acquisition and education
3. Engagement Rate Growth
4. User Education

Omni is committed to helping Raiinmaker Succeed

We take a strategic approach to marketing and promoting the platform, focusing on user education and creating informative social media content.

We incentivized education for the Raiinmaker community, to promote learning about the benefits of Raiinmaker. Our goal is to create a community of informed users who are excited about the platform's potential and eager to use it to revolutionize the concept of content creation and influencer marketing. Omni also launched a number of guerilla tactics designed to grow brand reach and brand advocacy. One such tactic is the use of "hashtag hijacking" to promote the product on social media platforms. By hijacking popular hashtags and using them to promote Raiinmaker, Omni is able to reach a large audience with minimal effort. In addition, we developed programs for incentivizing brand advocacy and have created loyalty campaigns for user acquisition and funnel progress. We also launched a range of competitions, minigames, engagement-provoking content, and trends to foster engagement


users acquired


Twitter Follower growth in a span of two months


To achieve this balance, we focused on maintaining high levels of engagement (average of 12.5%) with Raiinmaker's users and driving user acquisition through targeted and incentivized community campaigns. Through these efforts, Omni's contribution led to an increase in the platform's number of users fourfold and developed a loyal group of brand advocates who helped spread awareness and recognition.

The balance between quantity and quality also meant creating content that was interesting and relevant to them and responding quickly to any questions or feedback. While the creator economy business model in Web3 is still relatively new, we've learned a lot of lessons along the way to the success we found.

Example of work

We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.