Script TV is a blockchain-based media platform that is seeking to revolutionize the way that live television is consumed. By bringing live television to the blockchain, Script TV is providing a more transparent and decentralized way to watch and interact with live programming. In addition, through gameFi and socialFi elements, viewers can earn rewards for their participation in watching and engaging with content. This innovative approach to live television is opening up new opportunities for viewers to earn rewards and participate in the future of the media industry.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media management
Community Nurturement
Content marketing
Guerrilla Marketing



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With its mission in mind, Script TV tapped Omni Agency to increase its beta user base and build a community using digital marketing and social media. The challenge for Omni was only to deploy organic-based tactics to reach goals. Despite not having enough supporting resources for a complex project, the Omni team used our digital marketing experience to reach the target thresholds for user growth and brand awareness set by Script TV. Through creative thinking and out-of-the-box tactics, Omni provided a comprehensive solution that helped Script TV achieve its goals.

Business goals (brand)

1. Authentic and active follower growth
2. Keep Discord & Telegram communities active and growing
3. User acquisition with month-on-month growth

Omni strives to create meaningful connections between InterPop and its community.

For Script TV, we focused on the three key pillars of building a solid blockchain community: brand awareness, follower growth, and user acquisition.

Firstly, we define the desirable characteristics of the brand to build cases and be positioned as a top-of-mind choice. Secondly, we focus on growing their beta user base virally through creative campaigns, audience nurturement tactics, and content that resonates with their target users. Lastly, we acquire new users through targeted acquisition channels and then nurture them with personalized content, so they become active members of the community. By pursuing all three strategies in tandem, Omni is able to build a comprehensive and well-rounded blockchain community for Script TV.


Follower growth


New and active members of Discord


Acquired users

Make sure the message is heard — loud and clear, and across all platforms

One of the key advantages of Script TV is that it rewards users for their attention. Omni highlighted this in our marketing efforts to increase awareness and drive platform adoption by users interested in watching Live TV on web3. Omni also employed various nurturing campaigns on social media to attract new community members. And in using content marketing, the messages were kept aligned with the brand and stayed consistent across all platforms. Doing these consistently and strategically resulted in a five-fold increase in the target number of community members on Discord, a 7.4k solid and active user base built up in just 2 months, and a stronger online presence with over 24,000 followers.

Example of work

We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.