InterPop is a digital entertainment company that is using blockchain technology to develop the next generation of fandom. Led by President and Publisher Brian David-Marshall, InterPop is minting comic, game, and collectible NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. This ensures that the collectibles are scarce and verifiable and gives fans a way to show their support for their favorite properties. In addition to collectibles, InterPop is also developing a suite of skills-based games that capitalize on the unique features of blockchain technology.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Social Media management
Community Nurturement
Content marketing
Ad creation & management
Twitter paid ads



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When Omni was tasked to help InterPop grow its community, one of the challenges it faced was growing the fandom community to 50,000 members in just 2 months. Omni also became responsible for educating the audience about InterPop's unique selling proposition while keeping its community engaged. It may seem daunting, but Omni had a solid plan and was confident in its ability to promote InterPop successfully.

Business goals (brand)

1. Strong brand positioning
2. Consistent community growth
3. User-generated social proof

Omni strives to create meaningful connections between InterPop and its community.

Our focus on quality over quantity has resulted in a passionate and engaged community of followers who are excited about InterPop's mission of forging the future of digital fandom.

Omni deployed authentic growth vehicles for InterPop, and used four different tactics to grow their following and increase InterPop's community engagement and conversions. Building the brand persona - the first tactic involved identifying potential followers who were interested in the type of content we produce for InterPop. Community nurturement - we developed a strategy to engage with InterPop's existing followers to create a sense of community and loyalty. Cross-promotion - Omni worked with other brands and influencers who share InterPop's target audience in order to reach a wider audience. Authentic growth with social proof - Omni attracted new followers by showing that InterPop is a legitimate community of fans and a credible source of information.


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Driving real, tangible growth through community nurturement

Omni's team of experts has a wealth of experience in helping blockchain communities to grow their online presence. Our proven track record has reached new heights through our innovative and tailor-made solutions. When we deployed our growth vehicles for InterPop, their community skyrocketed and grew from 4k to 41K members in just two months! Multiple sold-out projects and collections followed it, and Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised on digital asset trades. This just goes to show that Omni is capable of driving real growth for businesses and communities.

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We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.