WAGMI Games is a mobile WEB3 gaming entertainment franchise combining rare high-fidelity graphic games, sustainable in-game economies and vibrant communities to create the first of its kind hybrid experience.

Services OMNI provided to drive success

Strategy Planning
Paid Ads
Guerrilla Marketing
Content Creation
Influencer Engagement



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When we embarked on our partnership with WAGMI Games, we faced a unique set of challenges that demanded a tailored approach to achieve the client's objectives. WAGMI Games set an ambitious goal: to sell $300,000 worth of NFTs in a market with a sales volume of less than $40 million. This objective required a careful blend of innovative marketing strategies and precise targeting to stand out in a competitive and rapidly evolving blockchain gaming industry. Moreover, WAGMI Games sought to deploy and optimize a significant marketing budget while ensuring real-time on-chain attribution for budget redistribution, a task that demanded cutting-edge blockchain analytics and tracking solutions. As blockchain technology and web3 environments continuously evolve, we had to navigate the complexities of this ever-changing landscape to devise a strategy that would propel WAGMI Games to success. Our journey with WAGMI Games involved breaking new ground, both in terms of NFT sales and the application of blockchain marketing techniques.

Business goals (brand)

1. Raise $300k in NFT sale
2. Drive token investment
3. Increase exposure

WAGMI Games presented a unique set of challenges, and we devised a multifaceted approach to address these challenges effectively.

This approach encompassed influencer engagement within the blockchain gaming sector, allowing us to amplify industry presence and expand our audience reach. We also pursued co-marketing initiatives with key opinion leader (KOL) projects, bolstering our visibility and credibility within the blockchain and NFT space. Precision Twitter ads were deployed, targeting active Ethereum gamers with balances exceeding $30, ensuring our messages reached the most engaged audience. Additionally, a creative guerrilla marketing campaign propelled #WAGMIGames to trend on Twitter for 24 hours, significantly enhancing brand awareness and user engagement. Our holistic strategy seamlessly blended strategic collaboration, targeted advertising, and unconventional methods, firmly establishing WAGMI Games as a prominent player in the blockchain gaming industry and generating the interest required to achieve our ambitious goals.


increase in token market cap which is a near doubling




Our partnership with WAGMI Games has yielded remarkable outcomes that far surpassed our initial objectives. Through our marketing strategies and influencer engagement, we achieved a substantial $30 million increase in the project's token market capitalization, nearly doubling its initial value. Additionally, the WAGMI Games token reached an all-time high (ATH) in price, reflecting positive investor sentiment and confidence. In the competitive NFT market, WAGMI Games captured a noteworthy 10% of OpenSea's daily average volume by successfully selling $300,000 worth of NFTs, solidifying its presence in the NFT marketplace. Our multifaceted approach expanded the project's visibility to an impressive 21 million, contributing to its growing recognition and user base. Furthermore, our guerrilla marketing campaign led to #WAGMIGames trending on Twitter for 24 hours, significantly boosting brand awareness and user engagement. In summary, our tailored approach has positioned WAGMI Games as a standout player in the blockchain gaming industry, achieving ambitious goals and setting the stage for continued success in the dynamic web3 landscape.

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We don't over-promise; we over-deliver.